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B Live News comes to your midst as the quintessential news bearer of modern times. We intend to cater to the web savvy youth who would want to have an opinion on all that’s important.

B Live News believes in quality content, devoid of factual errors. We have experienced writers and editors writing for you about all that you think are important and news worthy. We value your opinion more than anything, and we believe it’s your take on aspects of everyday life that helps us stay on top. We hope to give tech-driven journalism a new dimension. We are a group of writers who function as independent thinkers.

B Live News looks at the ever-changing aspects of web journalism so as to imbibe the best in them and open up a new world in front of you. We aim to kick-start a fresh news portal experience by bringing to you an audio-visual treat. In the days to come, we will have for you videos, podcasts, all that the web facilitates. Stay tuned as we usher in a brave new world of web journalism.